Hackintosh – Build a mac for about $1000

Its no secret, Mac’s are more expensive then PC’s in almost every case. While there are several reasons for this, I want to exploit the fact that this rule does have an exception.
I would like to introduce you to the robust community of the Hackintosh, and its homepage . They have created a great collection of tips, tricks and information that will allow most avid computer users take advantage of this interesting loophole.

When a client decided to go ahead with a suggested build from Tony mac’s site called Mac Mini Deluxe. We recorded a video while I put it together, and I edited together 2 versions a longer 5 minute version:

and a smaller 1 minute version.

This system has a dual UEFI which will enable us to easily dual boot both Windows and Mac.

I will put the parts list in the next post….

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