Here are some reviews from past clients;

My laptop was completely dead after water spilled on the keyboard. I took it to these guys, and they had it up and running in less than an hour. Best of all, they only charged me $25. Super nice guys too.

Joe M.
Jackson Heights, NY

Joe and his team were on top of fixing my computer (which was literally dying a slow death) and saved every file I had. The after-care for someone like me (who is NOT tech savvy) was amazing…any time I called with a question, they were ready, willing and able to solve my dilemmas. THANKS!

Anthony L.
Manhattan, NY

My HP Pavilion laptop suffered a hardware failure and was in need of a motherboard replacement. JoeNYC scouted the replacement part and emailed it to me for ordering. I dropped off the part at the shop a few days after arrival and they completed the repair within a few hours.

The staff is very cordial and well-informed. They offered several options on how to go about the repair and gave advice on how to improve system performance. The rates and policy is reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to do service with them again.

Chris L.
Manhattan, NY

My Dell laptop computer was a sick puppy, some form of worm or virus had infiltrated my system. I contacted a few fix-it folks who miraculously could foresee and confirm my virus without seeing my computer, tellng me it would cost at least a couple hundred dollars minimum, and take a few days to fix.

JoeNYC, on the other hand, got back to me immediately, gave me the option of a $25 diagnostic fee, and went over with me exactly what was wrong. He fixed my computer, cleansed my system, and gave me some excellent freeware and advice for half the price of other craig’slist fix-it posters. Since then, I’ve turned on a few friends to JoeNYC, and all have had positive experiences and great things to say about Joe and his computer techies.

Johnny C.
New York, NY

Joe is the man!

I work part-time in the IT field and have a very strong IT background, but am most decidedly not a “networking guy”. So when the company I work with began having network problems that were over my head, I found Joe on Craigslist.

I called his office, left a message, and Joe called me back almost immediately. He came out same-day to check out the situation as a free consultation, and scheduled an appointment for the following day. We resolved all issues that day save for one, which Joe was able to come in (on a Saturday morning!) and handle for me.

He was fast, thorough, and explained everything he was doing in such a way that I (as a person with a strong IT background and understanding) am now able to fix small networking problems in the office as they arise.

Further, he is very receptive to “playing on your team” — when he was in my office, he wasn’t JoeNYC, he was “my networking guy”. He’s the perfect outsource for any IT professional (or part-timer) who is running up against an issue that they are not able to handle personally.

Sometimes with very savvy computer people, you either get “extremely smart and capable” or “great people skills and can explain everything he/she is doing”; It’s fantastic to find both in Joe.

He is always on time, returns calls / texts promptly, and is worth every dollar.

Jeff S.
Astoria, NY

Where Should i start.
I was stranded alone in this world with a Powerbook G4.
Which Needed a 320GB Hard Drive. A Data Migration.
Also Fresh installtion of Snow Leopard.
I called about 4 or 5 place in manhattan.
They told me outrages figures like 350 – 425$.
They told me that because of the holidays.
Their giving discount can do all that for $200.
I was sure from the looks of the establishment this would be done in no time.
In about 2 hours later i got call saying my Laptop was Ready.
Yet it was a 2 hour turn around was Crazy.
I would recommend anyone that need their MAC/ Windows Laptop fix JOENYC the place

Shomari C.
Brooklyn, NY

I had a mechanical hardware problem with my old laptop. The guys at Joe’s found replacement parts and installed them and got my computer up and working beautifully. They went above and beyond – one of the broken parts was hard to find but they searched until they got it. They were friendly, responsive, and really seemed to care. Everyone else told me to just get a new computer, but for less money than it would have cost to have my local chain electronics store send my computer away for two months (with a good outcome very doubtful after that), JoeNYC fixed my computer as good as new. They are the kind of tech guys you dream about when you have a computer problem.

Salome B.
Brooklyn, NY

Joe Rocks! He always helps me with all my computer trouble! Whenever I email him or call the office he gets back to me right away and my computer gets fixed super fast. He also always takes time to explain everything I need to know. He is a genius for both PC and Mac. So don’t hesitate if you have problems with your computer! I hope this helps a little I have been a costumer of his for years and never had a problem with him.

Veronika Z.
New York, NY

Very helpful. My compter was screwed up with a problem that they hadn’t even heard of, and yet they still were able to fix it for only $25 and caught a virus that my virus checker hadn’t even picked up. I turned it in around midday and it was ready by the end of the day. Very friendly, they don’t push you around, and very efficient. I’m very glad I found them. I recommend them highly.

Kit H.
New York, NY

Straight out of the box, Joe was the casual geek pro I had hoped to find to help me recover data from my HD after water fried my MacBook. He was right on time, went right to the solution and kept going when the first one wasn’t fruitful until he found the data. Yes it was there!.

Now get this, there was no mystery to what Joe was doing. I sat in his office while he did it as we chatted and he gave me numerous pointers for maintaining my computers.

I had first gone to the Apple Store and then to TekServe (recommended by the guy at the Apple Store.) They each said, “Well it doesn’t look like there is any data to recover. But we’ll try.” For $750 Apple would restore my MacBook to working order, replacing parts as needed (still no data ensured though.) For $800 TekServe was willing to do me the great favor of “trying” to recover data, but no guarantees and no refunds and no fixing the computer (can you say “rip-off at TekServe?”

Back to the wonderful JoeNYC. He recovered all of the data I wanted (11gigs), burned it onto 3 DVD’s for me and charged me just $50. Yes, that’s right, just FIFTY DOLLARS. A fair price and with a smile and a “thank you for your business” to boot.

Fast forward two weeks when I need to take a friend’s IMac desktop to him because a video setting went crazy ( apparently I magically pressed a certain key combo that made the contrast go wild–it wasn’t pretty.) First I call JoeNYC and he walks me through several possible solutions over the phone. None worked but he did it without hesitation. I ended up taking the machine in the next day. IN THREE MINUTES HE RECOGNIZED THE PROBLEM AND RESOLVED IT. Then he said “No Charge.” Now I had already taken up his valuable time on the phone and in the office, but he wanted nothing. Now THAT is customer service.

Needless to say I highly recommend JoeNYC to individuals, businesses large and small, Apple or PC. You can’t go wrong!!

All the best to you Joe! You are a breath of fresh air in the New York market.

Thanks for all you help!

Rick F.
New York, NY

fast, cheap, friendly, easy! joe is great! –olivia

Olivia T.
New York, NY

Joe is great! When your computer goes crash! – as mine did – well you panic and feel like your life is hanging by a thread and you want someone who can remediate the problem, can do it in an efficient smart and sympathetic way, and can DO IT! Joe did. He saved my laptop. And he was responsive, he was kind and he repaired what needed to be done – and then set up a network for our small business and explained what he did to all of us – thoroughly. I cannot recommend this guy enough. I have recommended him to 3 friends – with network and repair problems – and they all thanked me for it. Brilliant! Oh… and he is really not that expensive at all…

dc c.
New York, NY

I had an external 1 TB Drive crash on me and thought i lost most of my music movies and pictures. The Geek Squad at Best Buy was useless and told me they couldn’t do much for me. One of my friends with a ‘real job’ told me about JoeNYC, so i gave them a call. Not only did they recover all my data, they had it back to me in less than a day. Thanks guys! I hope I don’t have to see you again, but if I have any problems, you’ll be my first call.

Sean C.
New York, NY

I came across JoeNYC through an ad on craigslist – their in-store repair rate was listed at $25 and I thought it might be too good to be true. But I was reassured by a couple of good reviews here on yelp – so I gave it a try.

My HP laptop had fallen mysteriously ill with no signs of a virus. After Joe took a look at the machine, he called me to let me know exactly what he thought had happened, and how he planned to fix it. A few hours and less than $100 later, my machine was running perfectly. Even faster than it had when I dropped it off.

JoeNYC is the real deal with hourly rates that will beat anyone else you’ll find in the city. After chatting with him, it sounds like he’s got a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. He’s friendly and quick and will keep you in the loop as he works on your machine. It would be my #1 recommendation for computer repair in NYC.

Thanks Joe!

Kristy W.
New York, NY

Try finding computer help on a Sunday after 8pm. Service is really what sets everyone apart in my opinion. All the other so-called “PC experts” didn’t get back to me same day – in fact 2 didn’t get back to me at all!?

Joe from Joenyc emailed & called me back in 25 minutes! I had accidentally done some driver update that essentially made my pc useless. It wouldn’t even start up and I had to finish a presentation for a potential client I was meeting on Monday at 8am. I was freaking out that I had lost all my work along with everything else on my computer. Since I have an older laptop (2000)I thought it had actually could of just died of old age.

Joe troubleshot a few things over the phone that were basic and a few things that I certainly wouldn’t have thought about. I explained to Joe how important it was that my computer worked again that night. The problem seemed to be a bit more than could be accomplished over the phone so he told me he could come right out – it was now 9:30pm on Sunday! He arrived in less than 45 minutes and immediately went to work on my laptop.

About 20 minutes later my computer was up and running as if nothing had happened! I was really impressed with Joe’s service and of course his ability to fix my problem – saving my client presentation exactly where I had left it.

Joe not only saved me money (he was really a great deal) but he saved me from making a fool of myself the next morning.

On Monday I got a call from one of the other guys and wanted to see what they might say. Without really listening to me he thought I needed to “upgrade” my computer system and he could do that for $300! He said if I hadn’t backed up my stuff it’s all gone anyway so a new operation system was the way to go. Ha- what a joke!

It’s great to know there are still honest, reliable, smart and quick techs out there that you can call on in a pinch.

Thanks Joenyc!

P.S- I got the business from the Monday morning pitch that Joe saved!!!

anthony r.
Brooklyn, NY

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