Just got back from SnowBird, Utah

Finally got to ride some in-season powder in the Best Snow on Earth in Utah. They have been hurting for snow out their big time, not as much as the northeast, but enough.

Managed to get a day in at a great resort next to Park City called the Canyons. Those in the old school most likely called it Park West, but American Skiing Company has dumped a ton of cash into that resort, and it rocks, You can Die!!!especially the 9990 hike to Dutches Draw.

Nobody died in our party. We had a killer time and I can’t wait to go back. Although we came close in couple of occasions… Check out the uncompressed video here. (WARNING its over 200 megs…)

Snowbird happened to be in the sweet spot of the storm that was barreling through the country and got the highest storm totals of all the resorts except for Alta. This meant that I got 2 powder days out of the deal…..Woohooo!!

Looking forward to Jay Peak on the 23rd of February. The last big storm dumped more than 59″ of fresh on those bastards and they have received another 2 feet since then and it does not seem to be letting up. So everyone STAY AWAY from Jay Peak this coming weekend, its just plain not safe to go their.

Coming up, Whistler in mid-march…..Check the original pre-helmet cam Whislter Vid, with the famous whister roll…..(it might take a while to download, but it’s worth it).

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