The BadBrains at CBGB’s

Bad Brains put on 3 shows for the “last show’s at CB’s” lineup. They played with different bands each night, but at the October 10th show, they played with the Bouncing Souls, a band that I was never really impressed me, but put on a hulla’of show as a warm up act.

The BadBrains rawked the set was amazing. Check out the set-list BadBrains set list

  1. I against I
  2. Regulator
  3. Right Brigade
  4. Attitude
  5. I
  6. Jah Love
  7. Coptic Times
  8. Sacred Love
  9. Let me help
  10. Soul Craft
  11. I and I survive
  12. Banned in DC
  13. F.V.K.
  14. Secret 77
  15. Destroy Babylon
  16. I love Jah

The whole band played with a ton of energy and the fans loved it, people were stage diving like it is going out of style. JR said that they were going to have a new album out, I really could care less….

BTW, JR was wearing a motorcycle for the first three songs of the Monday show.

Check out the pictures at the gallery.

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