out of 204,508 recorded passcodes, the top ten most common were:

Most commonly used Iphone passcode lock codes

I am just posting some information that was already spelled out in Daniel Amitay’s blog here. I want to reiterate that just having a passcode lock your phone regardless if its an iphone or an android, is not enough if you use the following passcodes: 1234 0000 2580 1111 5555 5683 0853 2222 1212 1998 […]

I'm liking the FireFox 4 beta...

I’m liking the FireFox 4 beta…

I have always like the Mozilla’s line of browsers, from Communicator to Navigator to the current iterations. They have always either outclassed our outperformed the competition. That being said check out the new bookmark bar feature that uses the website favicon as a bookmark button. I am sure there are plenty of other features to […]