NY Tech Meetup group August, 4th 2009

I went to my first NY Tech meetup group meeting at FIT’s Taft hall.


It was packed and there was a buzz in there air…I do not know what the buzz was about, and the buzz never became apparent, maybe because everyone was nervous…


Here is some of what I got out of the lecture:

Comics. http://comixology.com

This website just launched an iPhone application that allows you to read and buy comic books on he IPhone

Blip.tv http://blip.tv

Content workflow for Internet television creators with 20 employees in NYC.  The rule is that you create the content and it has to be show format not viral or family video.

They work with advertisers to create vertical of demographics of groups of shows.

2 distributing outlets; unrestricted and restricted.  Double gated syndication, and must be approved by 1 or more of the partners

Magma by rocketboom creator


Shows aggregator; top videos
Aggregated by social media of by platform
Invite code ; Contact me directly.

Catherine Faye with Hunch


Hunch leads you down a decision tree to give u a result that it would give no one else ; or unique.

Hunch asked you taste based questions on the sign up process.
They monetize using affiliate links

There have widgets and a developer API for integration

Translation party

In order to reach equilibrium…

The developer has linked in to some translation api’s in order to translate any phrase into Japanese and then back into English until the English and Japanese are the same phrase.

Not terribly useful but, interesting how awful translation still is….

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